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Living on the Edge

Before “The Troubles” the Old Kingdom was vast, trade was good and her mighty armies kept the peace with her less powerful neighbors. The Borderlands marked the Northernmost extend of the King’s holdings from the great port city of Crown Port in the West all the way to the Dawn Mountains in the East. The King’s Road marked the border and patrols could be seen regularly patrolling the string of watchtowers that stood vigilant against incursions from without. The Kingdom’s heartland was protected by the impenetrable fortress at Nearcliff, the mighty city of stone that sat athwart the pass over the Sun Mountains between the Dawn Mountains in the East and the Dusk Mountains in the West.

Trade flowed freely into the Borderlands from the North by land and by sea through Crown Port. The Great Northern Road saw caravans arrive daily from the Tiefling city-states and the Dwarven holds. Some were destined to stop at the great open markets at the base of the mountains beneath Nearcliff, some to make the journey to Crown Port where merchants from all over the world rubbed shoulders with factors from the mighty trading houses of the Kingdom. Crown Port was the jewel of the Borderlands, a magnificent metropolis larger than any other in the Kingdom.

Then the Troubles began.

The Old Kingdom is long gone and the Borderlands has been a lawless, dangerous place for hundreds of years. The old glories have not been forgotten and there are some that have decided that the time is now to begin again.

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