Races in the Borderlands

By the time the Old Kingdom began to expand over the passes of the Sun Mountains, it was already a nation of Humans and Dwarves. They found the fertile fields populated by small settlements of Halflings who were quickly assimilated into the Northern territory of the great nation. The trade that flowed through the cities of Crown Port and Nearcliff lead to small populations of other races to gather, notably Tieflings and Half-orcs, though most races were known at least as tales. When the kingdom fell, all of these races became equally isolated from their homelands, and the are remains uneasily cosmopolitan.


Deva are rare enough that some would doubt their existence. Legend has it that Deva served as counselors in the Old Kingdom, and some suspect their involvement in the Troubles that ended its reign. Deva acting in the open may find reactions as varied as incredulity, distrust or adoration.


There are a few villages of black Dragonborn in the marshes north of the ruins of Crown Port. They are generally reclusive but adventurous Dragonborn from these settlements are sometimes seen in the area. Other forms of Dragonborn would be considered exotic.



The influence of the Keep on the Shadowfell had tainted the Great Forest so thoroughly that it acted as a barrier to the Feywild, so Eladrin and other fey had rarely been seen in the Basin for the last hundred years or so. Since the collapse of the Shadowgate under the Keep, the Feywild has drawn closer, and a few adventurous Eladrin have crossed over to see what has become of the world and reconnect with their estranged kin.



Months ago, a wrecked ship drifted into the bay of New Port. Without sail or rudder the ship, of completely foreign design, cast up on one of the rocky spires that surround the harbor. Aboard the ship, dehydrated and delirious were the most extraordinary people: Genasi. Never before seen in these lands, the few dozen Genasi have formed a small community on the outskirts of New Port, where they are regarded with equal parts curiosity, suspicion and awe.








Shifters in the Basin live in the wilderness in family units, usually one or two generations in small compounds or traveling bands. When a shifter comes of an age to marry, they leave their families to seek adventure, experience and a mate. Some never settle down again, bewitched by the excitement of the civilized lands but most eventually return home, join their spouses family or found a new family unit. Shifter adventurers are almost in this part of their lives.


Tieflings in the Borderlands are concentrated in Nearcliff. Descended from traders, diplomats and expatratiots of the Tiefling city-states, the community in Nearcliff suffers from a crisis of identity. There is great pressure from within to resist assimilation into the wider culture of the city and retain the ways of “the old country.” Younger Tieflings find themselves between older generations that will not accept the current situation and the rest of society that still treats them as foreigners. Adventurers run the gamut between traditionalists that wish to rediscover their race’s homelands and assimilationists escaping their traditional culture.



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